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About Us

Endoluminal Sciences is an early stage venture capital-backed company, committed to the development of novel, platform technologies to dramatically enhance the clinical performance of endovascular prostheses. While the technology is foreseen to have its application to a range of vascular disease states, the immediate focus is the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs).


AAA is a common disease that is associated with significant mortality (due to catastrophic aortic rupture) if left untreated. Endovascular and surgical approaches are currently used to treat AAAs. Current open surgical procedures are associated with unacceptable complication rates. Endovascular repair represents a better option, but the current technology is critically limited in its applicability, efficacy and durability.


Our unique approach uses a combination of mechanical engineering and polymer science to overcome the key failure modes of existing devices, and addresses the true requirements necessary to successfully treat AAAs in a manner superior to any device currently in clinical trials or on the market. The innovation is geared towards improving medical outcomes and safety for patients while at the same time significantly improving ease-of-use for the physician.


The technology and knowhow originates from the founders' work at Stanford and Sydney Universities. The Board of Endoluminal Sciences constitutes a pioneering profile in medical device technology development and commercialization.

Endoluminal Sciences is primed to expand the horizons of current standard of care in endovascular therapy.